Job #3 – Online Game Designer

If I were an old man I might say something like,

“College kids would rather create jobs than actually find them.”

Well, duh.

Matter of fact, I’m feeling pretty creative and I want to follow the trend. Here goes:


I would categorize myself as in tune with pop culture; I watch HLN all the time just to admire Nancy Grace’s facelift and experience her charm.

At this point I will make a disclaimer: If you are not familiar with Nancy Grace or Casey Anthony, either google the shit or go read about meat boners.

Currently, two-thirds of America is on a witch hunt to find Casey Anthony, this according to HLN. And if anyone paid as much attention to her release as I did, you may have also noticed the abundance of children out past midnight in the middle of a hostile mob in protest of her release.

What I learned from this about not-guilty verdicts in toddler first-degree murder cases is that it is actually quite the family affair. You can bring your children into the middle of an angry lynch-mob to teach to them the proper way to be pissed at something that doesn’t involve them.

It was inspiring; so much so that I feel the need to capitalize on Casey Anthony’s celebrity the same way Nancy Grace does.

Enter Hasbro Games Online.

Picture this:

A Where’s Waldo spinoff called Where’s Casey?

I will make it available to all ages – a family game, if you will. For those under the age of 18, Casey will be dressed in an orange jumpsuit. For our mature audience, Casey will be dressed in slutty party clothing (you must verify you are 18 years of age or older).

As the game begins, she will be randomly hidden in an undisclosed location on a replica world map on your computer screen.

Each person (as many or few participants as you please) will choose between characters: the “media clown” or the “angry citizen.”

The object of the game? It’s a race to the finish and a race against time. The first media clown to track her (by clicking the mouse where she is located) gets a big payday for an interview. The first “angry citizen” to locate her gets to “eliminate” her by way of vigilante justice.

If no one finds Casey within five minutes (us young folk have such short attention spans) she not only gets away with murder, but she also obtains immortality and continues to piss off tot moms everywhere.

I trust that Hasboro Games recognizes the enormous potential my idea has to not only draw together families in a unified hatred for Casey Anthony, but also to enlighten children about what a meanie she is without compromising their fragility (remember, it’s 18  years of age or older for the good stuff).


  • Modifying an old classic.
  • If she is as elusive in the game as she is in real life, people will get “Monopoly angry.”
Chick Magnet Factor:
  • Chicks dig an entrepreneur. But do they dig online games?
  • Like most college students, I’ve always done anything within my power to avoid working for a boss. But, the old guys usually get the last laugh…

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