Job #5 – Director of Fun At A Museum

Picture this: A job in which your sole responsibility is to show a bunch of clueless adults how to make a museum fun for kids.

Then imagine doing that at six years old.

Sam Pointon, now 8, is a train enthusiast – so in love with trains that he decided he would hand-write an application to become a director at the New York National Railway Museum.

In his letter he wrote:

“I am writing to apply to be the new director at the National Railway Museum. I am only six but I think I can do this job. I have an electric train track. I am good on my train track. I can control two trains at once. Hopefully I can come meet you for an interview.” 

First off, thank you Sam for schooling me in how to be both polite and intriguing to a potential employer. Secondly, writing this by hand was pure genius!

I say this in no sort of mocking tone; Sam not only clearly demonstrates his interest in the position, but he also lists his qualifications in a well thought out and succinct manner. He said he was the man for the job, and lo and behold, he was appointed Director of Fun.

If that isn’t awesome, I’m not sure what is.


Here are a couple of photos, courtesy of The Sun. His handwritten letter is below.

If this 6 year old can do it, I can too.


How this pertains to my financial conundrum:

There are two ways in which I can profit off of a child like Sam…

  1. Marry rich, have a kid with my sugar momma, ensure that the kid is an exemplary writer for his or her age, and exploit his/her abilities to write a hand-written application to his/her favorite museum or theme park.
  2. If the first plan does not work out and my child gets stuck with my lack of intellect, I can rent (or borrow, if you prefer) one of his smart friends and have the child forge an application under my name.
If you know where I can find such a child, please leave a detailed comment below. Thank you for your help.

4 responses to “Job #5 – Director of Fun At A Museum

  • Jason

    This post tells me my kids (ages 10 & 7) need to get off their ass and get a job.

    My wife and I thank you.

  • cjtx

    fIRST rule of comedy: Never, ever, ever, ever follow a kid or animal act.

    It’s a no-win situation.

    That said, my only reaction to this li’l guy is….”dawwwww”!

  • Alan

    Sir Thomas

    Well done my friend. Your talents overwhelm me. I am very impressed with this display of duel talents. I always enjoyed the humor but now you add inspirational to your resume. Well done sir.

    There is another reason why I enjoyed this professionally written piece. It is about people that like toy trains. As a regular collector/make believe engineer hahahaha it is an absolute joy to see that children are exposed to the fantastically wonderful world of train collecting. It is an amazing hobby and a fantastic way to use one’s imagination.

    I can hardly wait for the next installment.



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