Job#9- Script Writer For Summer’s Eve

This hilarious, yet highly offensive video was sent to me by Colin. If you’d like me to post something or write about a potential career path, email me at <>. Thanks, Colin.

I remembered laughing hysterically at a commercial similar to the one Colin sent me, so I did a little youtubing and found that there are numerous versions in the Summer’s Eve campaign. Among them…

The Dramatic Version:

The “You don’t recognize me, do you? How about now?” Version:

And there’s at least one more, but you get the point.

Colin told me that he learned about the talking V via the Colbert Report, and I’ve also found that it’s been accused of being racially stereotypical, so I’m a tad late with the hype. Nonetheless, what piques my interest is how I can get into it – the script writing, pervs.

I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to write a sample script for Summer’s Eve’s next cutting edge ad campaign, just in case they need a male perspective. Here goes:

Hey ladies, it’s me – Tom!

You don’t recognize me, do you? Well…not many of you do.

How about now?…Still no? Aw, damn.

Did you know that only 30% of women can accurately identify all five areas down under? That’s only 29% more than men. That’s like trying to fly a jet plane and not knowing where the cockpit is! How could you start the engine?!?

So, help out all of mankind by taking the V quiz. Because if men are ever going to understand it, women must figure it out first.

Do you think they’ll see my potential?


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