What I’ve Learned So Far…

A recent poll revealed that my fan is under the impression that I’d be a hell of a feminine care product script writer. So, I’ll do my best to make my fan proud, even though it’s kind of like being told you’re a great chef and then two seconds later hearing that Denny’s or TGIF is hiring. But, really though, writing my male perspective version was a blast. I hope my fan happens to work for Summer’s Eve.

More recently, I learned that my fan enjoys the idea of me pleasing cows and that if given no other choice, my fan would prefer to deliver frozen man juice to lovely ladies while I do the former. I assumed that’s how it would go because if given the two options I 100% agree – I’d want to do the latter and would embarrass me with the former. So I’ll have to come up with a more perverse “Would You Rather” that pins more even opponents next time.

Lastly, I was away all weekend and I’ve been a little bit lazy with updating parts of the blog. I don’t get paid for this shit, after all. That said, I’ve come across (and likely commented on/followed) a number of great blogs recently, and I’d be more than happy to send two visits a week your way by adding you to the blogroll. So, leave a comment if you want my fan to click on your link twice a week.


4 responses to “What I’ve Learned So Far…

  • Alan


    First off I would like to apologize for my recent absent from WAIGTDAC. I assure you it was for the most appropriate reasons. My wife and I just got back today from San Diego, California where we had the most fabulous opportunity to go to the largest toy train museum in North America!

    I’m not sure about your other fans but this specific fan would have voted for you to be a teacher. Here’s why. I do not know much about script writing or pleasing cows for mass reproductive purposes so it is possible I could be off here. If so I apologize.

    Back to why I think you would make a most excellent and talented teacher. Your wonderful writing shows us why. It is clear you are very intelligent and gifted and based on the interactions I have had with you, you are very patient and a good communicator.

    Having shared that with you, maybe you could assist an aspiring writer. I will get WRITE to the point here. What I am alluding to is that you should teach me how to write my very own blog. My trip inspired me to write about my passion for Toy/Model Train collecting.

    What do you think my friend?

    I eagerly await your response.


  • Alan


    Thank you for doing all of this research for me. It is truly an honor to have your aid and help with this.

    I have to admit something that troubles me. What bothers me is that I was sure a toy/model train blog was an original idea. It was alarming and troubling to me that I was not the first one that thought of this.

    Is this normal? Thanks again for you help my friend. I apologize if this is a bother. I would hate for this to become an annoyance to you.



    • Tom

      Yeah, the internet’s a pretty big place. One time I had an idea for this social media website where people could connect with one another, share photos and post status updates. Then I found Facebook and my dreams were shattered.

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