Would You Rather? Pt. 2 (Job #17, #18)

Job #17 – Telemarketer For A Cemetery

A cemetery telemarketer is responsible for calling people to ask if you and your relatives are planning on dying any time soon. If the answer is yes, a cemetery telemarketer can make reservations for a nice spot in the ground.

Job #18 – Gum Buster

A gum buster uses “steaming technology” to remove gum from sidewalks. This gum may be decades old.


I would personally vote for cemetery telemarketer because the absurdity of saying something like, “I’m with the Mortuary, are you interested in 20% off of your next burial?” is too good to pass up.

What do you guys think?


4 responses to “Would You Rather? Pt. 2 (Job #17, #18)

  • Jason

    No brainer for me. Removing gum all the way. Who isn’t fascinated by “steaming technology”?

  • Kingskiddd1

    “Excuse me sir, are you… or any member of your family meeting your demise soon? We have great deals on caskets at the moment.” C’mon, who wouldn’t want to make that call. Granted, I’d have to mute the call from holding back the snickering. :D

  • windr0seWindrose

    It would be interesting to be a steam punk in real life, but I have a feeling the cemetery pays better. I have a very good Bad News voice, from years of telling welfare recipients that their benefits have stopped or been denied. Sign me up!

  • Doctor Whom

    Easy choice. In undergrad, I worked as a telemarketer for Time-Life Books and hated it with a passion. I can’t imagine doing it for a cemetery.

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