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Job #15 – Fake Review Writer

The idea here is pretty clever, albeit unethical: A fake review writer is a person hired by a company, restaurant owner, retail owner – whoever really – to write a glowing review about a product and sometimes also to write negative reviews about the competition. The idea of it is to increase your product’s ratings on certain sites, while slamming the competition.

The problem is, some people are really, really bad at it. For instance:

“Hands down THE BEST Mexican restaurant in the city! Food is phenomenal, decor is great, waitresses are super friendly. I recommend everything on the menu because I’ve tried it all and can personally attest it is all just fantastic. And cheap too!!!”

I’ve been studying the art of the fake review for a whole twelve minutes and what I can tell you is, if you make it sound like it is inevitably going to be immensely pleasurable, you’re not doing it right. Once someone reads the above review and finds that the food actually isn’t that great, you’ll develop a reputation as an undependable clown.

The second rule I’ve learned in the past twelve minutes is, draw on positives¬†and negatives. If you say that nothing needs improvement and everything is perfect (or the exact opposite), it’s a dead giveaway.

What’s interesting though, is that the believability of a review may be detectable¬†even if you are convincing:

“In part, deceptive writers used more verbs than real review writers did, while the real writers used more punctuation than the deceptive writers.”

So, I’d have to make it sound professional, literate, and avoid using multiple exclamation points!!!!! (Among other things).


  • I’ve been known to BS things pretty well.


  • Is this legal?

Chick Magnet Factor

  • Not sure – What is the salary? Do I get paid per review?


  • I’d like to write in some capacity, but I’m not sold that the joy of being a dick would be enough to make the job worthwhile if I’m still ultimately not making much money. I’d much rather write things like this.